The Armsman is a member of the Defenders of Albion. They are heavily armed fighters, can use almost all melee weapons and wear the heaviest plate armor. They are distinguished by high defensive and offensive qualities. The Armsman has the highest hit points in Albion and absorbs much of the melee damage due to their plate armor. If they have a shield and specialize in it, they can build a nearly impenetrable defensive wall. On the other hand, if they specialize in pole arms or two-handed weapons, they do incredible damage to their enemies.

Armsman Race Suggestions
Half Ogre or Highlander

Armsman Spec Suggestions
Group : 50 Polearm 42 Shield 39 Thrust 13 Parry
Zerg/AoE : 50 Polearm 42 Shield 39 Thrust 13 Parry
Solo : 44 Polearm 42 Shield 39 Thrust 27 Parry


Bamurz Public Group Armsman – Level 50 on DAOC Buddy

Bloodcore’s Public Solo Thrust Armsman Level 50 Weaponless