DAoC Video Tweaks

I started playing with different settings to improve the visual quality of DAoC (aka make DAoC run on a toaster). This will be refined over time, but here are my raw notes on Windows 10 with a Nvidia 3060 Ti. If you have questions, hit me up in Discord. I have a channel called “prondrs-zone” in Ramik Oaken’s Discord community. I asked Broadsword if posting ReShade & dgVoodoo was acceptable and the response was affirmative. Using dgVoodoo and ReShade to improve visual quality is permitted. It is not permitted to remove textures or otherwise violate the terms of service or spirit of the game.

NOTE: This works fine with vanilla DAoC. Mojo is no longer a thing. It works with Mojo as a launcher. It is buggy / sometimes just keeps Mojo from working if you use Mojo to run scripts or multibox. For some people it works fine, others Mojo stops sending info to DAoC. More to follow as we troubleshoot further. As of 19 Feb, I uploaded a new config file that changed a setting in dgVoodoo.conf that fixed the issue for me. The default setting in dgvoodoo2 has DeferredScreenModeSwitch = false. I changed it to DeferredScreenModeSwitch = true and have not had any further issues with Mojo. If other users report an issue I will update this info.

Last Updated: 4 Jun 2021


  1. Download Prondr’s dgVoodoo + ReShade settings direct download
  2. Extract the .zip file
  3. Copy the contents of the extracted .zip to your DAoC Game Directory where camelot.exe and game.dll exist (default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot)
  4. Launch camelot.exe

Software/Tools Used:

Nvidia Settings

Global Tab
Program Tab Part 1
Program Tab Part 2

dgVoodoo2 Settings

dgVoodoo2 Settings | General Tab
dgVoodoo2 Settings | DirectX Tab

DAoC Settings

DAoC Video Settings