Many thanks to GearBunny for his years of support of tooling for Dark Age of Camelot. He has graciously blessed me with permission to host the legacy of GearBunny products after his retirement of support. Copyright 2006-2023 GearBunny Studios.

GearBunny Fusion is the culmination of taking apart GearBunny Classic, X, and the even older ‘Original’ versions, as well as studying the interfaces of other spellcraft calculators (Kort’s, Loki, and Excidio) and similar programs from other games.

GearBunny Fusion

GearBunnyX and Classic template makers for Dark Age of Camelot. 

If you have any issues with either of the programs running, please try using compatibility mode for Windows 7 or XP.

GearBunny X

GearBunny Classic