Mordred’s Revenge

Calling all those with a bloodlust for player vs player mayhem! Come and join the Dark Age of Camelot community as Broadsword Online Games launched their 10th Catch Up In Caledonia Event … this time with a twist unseen for years. From the granddaddy of PvP MMORPG’s … For the first time in ages, the Mordred PvP ruleset is back for a time-limited event on the Ywain server cluster! This event is open to both free to play (Broadsword calls this Endless Conquest) and subscribed (Veteran) accounts. The madness started at 3 PM EST on Monday, 4 Dec 2023 and runs until 3 pm EST on Monday, 11 December 2023.

Catch Up In Caledonia is a fresh start event, meaning everyone creates a brand new level 1 character to progress through the event. Existing characters may not join, everyone starts from the same level and realm rank. Everyone levels in the Caledonia battleground only via PvP kills, there is no PvE grind. Broadsword provides the option to reach level 10 so you aren’t stuck at level 1 – if you so desire. Roll your new toon and blap your way to victory – all while earning experience, armor, weapons, jewelry, master levels, champion levels, and realm ranks as you progress!

  • The following level caps will be in place for all characters in Caledonia and will increase as follows every 24 hours:
    • Day 1 (Monday): Level 19 maximum
    • Day 2 (Tuesday): Level 29 
    • Day 3 (Wednesday): Level 39 
    • Day 4 (Thursday) : Level 49
    • Days 5-7 (Fri-Mon): Level 50
  • Characters that reach the day’s level cap will still be able to earn realm and bounty points. However, please note there are hard realm point caps and should you hit this cap, you’ll need to continue leveling to pass the cap and earn realm points again.
  • Characters that are 5 levels or more below the day’s level cap will receive the Caledonia Boost buff.
    • This buff greatly increases the damage dealt and greatly reduces damage received from characters that do not have the buff (higher level characters)!
    • Characters with the Caledonia Boost buff active will also DOUBLE the XP and BP rewards for themselves and their group!
    • When the level cap reaches 49 the buff will be given out to characters 3 or more levels under the cap.

The Mordred PvP ruleset allows characters from all 3 realms to group together forming unique setups not available in the traditional realm vs realm (RvR) combat of DAoC. This pits yourself and up to 7 group mates against all others! Choose from 45 classes to bring your fight to the Caledonia battleground.

What about buffs? Do I need a buffbot? No buffbot is required.

  • Buff tokens under level 40 are now free.
  • Buffs from the Realm Enhancement NPCs are now not overwriteable.
  • A new buff token, Beibhinn’s Blessing, has been added to the Realm Enhancement NPCs. This token is full capped buffs and useable at level 50 and within Caledonia only.

Looking for a group? Just login to the game and ask in the /lfg channel or join the community in Discord at and check out the #mordredonia channel. This event is a great time to make new allies and form pick up groups!

Click here for event details at the event page!

You can also catch the action on Twitch at